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Credit Card Program

Download Version 3.3 Now

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Manage all your credit card accounts using the same methods as the financial institutions.

Includes the following:

  • Billing Cycle Closing Date
  • Days in Payment's Billing Cycle
  • Finance Charge for last month
  • Calculated Minimum Payment Due
  • Billing Cycle Payoff Amount
  • Last month's Average Daily Balance
  • This month's Average Daily Balance
  • Days in this month's Billing Cycle
  • Total Charges for the month
  • Total Payments for the month
  • Annual Interest Rate
  • Monthly Interest Rate
  • Minimum Payment Amortization Years
  • Extend Billing Cycle to Monday if ends on a Weekend
  • Total Charges over the 12 months plus Initial Values
  • Total Payments over the 12 months
  • Total Interest Paid over the 12 months


Use this spreadsheet program to manage all your credit card accounts using the same methods as the financial institutions. The program will allow the user keep track of the debits, credits, financial charges, minimum payments, and the average daily balance of an account. The user can also duplicate (copy) the main sheet called CARD 1 to other sheets in the same workbook to manage additional accounts.

Sheet screen shot (only 4 months shown):
The view a larger image click here.

Note: Blue and magenta colored font values are calculated functions, red colored font values are user entry values.