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Data Sheet Program

Download Version 3.0 Now

 Register it for $20.00

This Data Sheet program is a simple and easy-to-use Database for to maintaining and organizing your data in Microsoft Excel. The program supports multiple sheets and up to 32 Database Fields.

Included Functions

  • Database Title
  • Form (a GUI form to manage / edit your data)
  • Auto-Fit Columns with the Data Form
  • Data Check
  • Sorting
  • Filters
  • Fixed Width Columns / Auto-Fit Columns
  • Hide Rows & Columns / Display Rows & Columns
  • Display All Fields / Hide Unused Fields
  • Help

Note: If you need on perform Data analysis, then check out the Database Program. This program is similar to this Data Sheet program but includes many built-in Analysis and Charting tools.

The purpose of releasing this program as Shareware is to illustrate its usefulness and to allow the user to evaluate the program without the need to purchase it. In Shareware mode, the program will periodically prompt the user to Purchase the program. After you purchase and register the program, the prompt will be removed.

Clearing the Sample Data
To remove the sample data, select all the data cells below the field names and press the keyboard delete button. Next, enter new database field names into the header row. If you need to add more field names, then press the “Display All Fields / Hide Unused Fields” button.

Database Title
To change the default Database Title (Company Name / Title), mouse click on the Database Tile and enter in a new title in the displayed dialog box. To remove the Database Tile, enter in a single space.

Button Function Summary

The Form button launches a dialog box user interface for managing the data within the database.

All new data entries using the Form are added to the bottom of the database.

If some of the cells within a database row contain formulas, then using the Form for entering new database entries will automatically copy the formulas from the last row in the database to the new database row items.

Cells that contain formulas will be displayed as non-editable data entry edit boxes within the Form. Instead, he calculated values of the cells will be displayed in the form.

Manual Data Entry - If you decide “not” to use the Form for entering a new database item (an entire row of data), then enter the new data starting immediately after the last data row in the database. When finished, use the “Data Check” function to incorporate the new data row into the database.

Auto-Fit Columns with Data Form check box
Checking this check box will automatically set the width of all data entry edit boxes within the Form to the width of the column that has the largest width in the database. If left unchecked and the column widths are set to fixed width, then the size of all data entry edit boxes within the Form will have the same fixed width as the cells.

Data Check
This function selects and redefines all the contiguous data within the selection as part of database.

If you decide to “manually” add data to the database as in adding a new row of data to the bottom the database table, then use this function to incorporate the new data as part of the database.

If you use the Form feature to manage the data within the database, it is not necessary to run the Data Check function.

Note: Do leave an entire blank row in the database. The database must be contiguous. In other words, the database must have at least one entry in each row. If you do not need a specific database item, then delete the entire row by hand or use the Form function to delete it.

Use this function to sort the database using up to three criteria fields.

The Filter function is a toggle switch for adding and removing filters.

Filters are little gray down arrows attached to each database field name. When filters are applied and used, the filter arrows change color. Use the filters to display only relevant data when needed.

Fixed Width Columns / Auto-Fit Columns
The Fixed Width Columns / Auto-Fit Columns function is a toggle switch for setting the column widths to either a fixed width or to automatically resize to the width of the data within the cells.

Hide Rows & Columns / Display Rows & Columns
The Hide Rows & Columns / Display Rows & Columns function is a toggle switch for hiding or displaying the row numbers and column letters across the left side and top of the sheet. Hiding the Rows & Columns will give you a little more viewable area on the spreadsheet.

Display All Fields / Hide Unused Fields
The Display All Fields / Hide Unused Fields function is a toggle switch for displaying all the columns within the database. An Excel database can contain up to a maximum of 32 columns. If for instance you only need to utilize the first 10 columns in the database, then you can hide the remaining 22 unused columns. If you need to add an extra columns of data to the database, first display all the fields and then add the field names to the database header row.

The Help function displays the integrated help and allows you to print it out.

Purchase / Register
Use the Purchase / Register function to purchase / register the program. Once registered, this button will be removed.