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Drupal CMS Theme Generator

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Free Program

Drupal Theme Generator version 4.0

©2005-2006 by Sam Raheb
August 4, 2006
Type: Free Program

  • Designed for use with Drupal versions 4.6.x and 4.7.x
  • Supports both PHPtemplate and Xtemplate Themes
  • Includes sample themes
  • Includes Source Code

Click here to view a sample theme.

Designed for use with Drupal versions 4.6.x and 4.7.x, Supports both PHPtemplate and Xtemplate Themes. Generate an unlimited amount of site themes. Easily create Themes in minutes. Supports both flat (non-graphical) and graphic enhanced themes. Includes 3 modes - developer, view-all, and user modes. Preview your themes on you local computer without having to upload the themes to your Drupal site. Includes optional Dynamic drop-down menus support.

Include optional meta tags support, Includes support for adding your own custom programming code. Integrate additional CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML code in to the themes via an external file or hard coded format. Includes both regional and block border-image and background-image features. Includes a random color theme generator. Include a HTML color assistant. Change both vertical and horizontal alignment of theme elements. Includes 9 3D Web site themes. Includes a theme development test area. Easy to use spreadsheet interface

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