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XLEcom Ecommerce Website Creator

Multiple Price Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility

Multiple File Import / Export Utility

Data Sheet

Newsletter Generator Utility

MySQL Database Backup Utility

Drupal CMS Theme Generator

Drupal File Comparison Utility

Drupal Members List PHP Script Generator

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Older Programs

Database "Plus"

Database "Standard"

Schedule "Plus"

Schedule “Standard”

Form Print Spooler

Credit Card Program

Financial Analysis of Life

Email Generator Utility

Bulk File Generator

Phone / Email Book

Convert Cell References

Mathematical Summary Utility

Extra Utility Tools

Open & Save Utility

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Excel Related Links

For other interesting Excel related stuff, check out the following sites:


 XLEcom - A Microsoft Excel Solution to Ecommerce Web Site Design


Jwalk & Associates - “The Spreadsheet Page”

• - Productivity Add-ins by Macro Systems for Excel


Synkronizer - synchronizing your Excel sheets


SoftwareMiser - Business & Finance - Spreadsheets



Topdownloads - Software - Spreadsheets


WinSite - Sam's Programs

• - Shareware programs


OzGrid Business Applications - Excel Templates - Excel Add-ins - Excel Training

• - Technical computing portal for all scientific & engineering

• - The Software Search Engine

• - Recovering service for your corrupted or damaged MS Excel, MS Word files and ZIP


NEKO to Excel - Interesting things you can do with Excel


The X in The XcelFiles

• - Microsoft Excel tips and tricks

• - Help for formulas, functions, and some useful templates for Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel


Forgram Software - offers "XMLtoXLS" an Add-In utility that imports XML data into Excel with one click


NeuroXL Neural Network - Software Add-Ins for Excel - This company offers add-ins for Microsoft Excel that peform neural network forecasting and classification using simple or complex data


Excel Business Tools - purpose built Excel templates for financial analysis and business decision-making


Dust Free Solutions - is the home of Spreadsheet Composer which is an Excel add-in that provides facilities to automatically construct, verify, catalogue, manage and implement complex worksheet formulae

• - Excel, Outlook, Word Add-Ins: Reliable and handy add-ins for MS Excel, Outlook and Word. Pivot tables, formatting, advanced Excel search & replace, managing multiple spreadsheets, auto making Outlook CC/BCC copies and more.


XLProject - XL Project is a MS Excel tool that creates gantt charts and administrates your projects easily

• - A wide range of plugins & addins for Microsoft Excel grouped by categories


Free Excel personal finance spreadsheets


SQL Excel - Freeware Excel Add-In - Simplify data retrieval from SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, DB2, Firebird and any other ODBC compliant database.

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