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Mathematical Summary Utility

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This Mathematical Summary utility generate a mathematical summary of any selected range of cells.

Basic Math Results:
 • Count of Numbers
 • Most Common Value
 • Minimum Value
 • Maximum Value
 • Median Value
 • Average Value
 • Summation (total)

Statistical Results:
 • Product (multiplied values)
 • Greatest Common Divisor
 • Least Common Multiple
 • Sum of Squares
 • Sample Standard Deviation
 • Population Standard Deviation
 • Variance (sample)
 • Variance (population)
 • Geometric Mean
 • Harmonic Mean Kurtosis
 • Skewness of the Distribution
 • Sum of Squares of Deviations
 • Average of the Absolute Deviations of Data Points from their Mean.


This Mathematical Summary utility will allow the user to instantly generate, with the option to print, a mathematical summary of any selected range of cells on any other spreadsheet. The Mathematical Summary will display both basic math and statistical results.The following are the calculated displayed results:

Basic Math Results: Count of Numbers, Most Common Value, Minimum Value, Maximum Value, Median Value, Average Value, and Summation (total).

Statistical Results: Product (all numbers multiplied), Greatest Common Divisor, Least Common Multiple, Sum of Squares, Standard Deviation (sample), Standard Deviation (population), Variance (sample), Variance (population), Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean, Kurtosis, Skewness of the Distribution, Sum of Squares of Deviations, & Average of the Absolute Deviations of Data Points from their Mean.

Installation and Usage:
Put this program file in your Microsoft Excel XLStart folder to have it automatically launch at startup. A new command menu item will be added to the Excel Tools Menu called "Mathematical Summary". To install the program only when you need it, just load it using the File-Open command. To run the utility, follow the following two steps.

Step 1: Select the Menu command

Step 2: Select the cell range to evaluate

Basic View Results

Statistical View Results