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XLEcom Ecommerce Website Creator

This program has it’s own dedicated website at

XLEcom Features

  • Uses Microsoft® Excel - No other software required !
  • Create 100% Complete Ecommerce Shopping Cart Web Sites
  • Includes all site generation and FTP file uploading features
  • Includes 55 customizable web site themes
  • Completely Independent of Ecommerce Service Providers
  • Supports both Paypal and Mals e-commerce FREE Shopping Carts
  • Host your Ecommerce web sites anywhere, even from home
  • Sites are setup up for search engine indexing and classification
  • All New Releases of XLEcom are FREE to current XLEcom users

XLEcom is a Unique Ecommerce Website Development Program

  • XLEcom was designed to provide you with a means to create and manage any number of Ecommerce websites (web stores) keeping you completely independent of all Ecommerce type Web Hosting Service providers. You can have one or even a 100 web stores without having to incur any additional cost.
  • Instantly Strengthen your Market Share while Reducing the Competition
    XLEcom the only program available that can be used as an “engine” for mass producing multiple Ecommerce Websites. This is similar to a large retail store chain having 100’s of stores throughout the country.
  • Simplicity
    XLEcom does not require a Web Server Database such as MySQL. An XLEcom web site contains only HTML pages and images. Therefore, you can utilize any type of low cost web hosting service or even host your website for free at home using your broadband internet connection.

XLEcom offers so much Power and Flexibility

  • Very simple to use - No HTML or programming skills required !
  • Develop one or produce multiple Ecommerce web sites.
  • Include 1000s Add-to-Cart products per web site.
  • Create, import, and export Store Modules.
  • Create either framed or non-framed web sites.
  • Supports both Paypal and Mals e-commerce FRE Cart services.
  • Supports both Hyperlink and HTML Form Add-to-Cart Buttons
  • Create either integrated in-page Shopping Carts or Popup window type Shopping Carts.
  • Generates clean HTML code - Does not use Excel’s default web page publishing features.


  • 55 customizable web site themes.
  • A complete set of GUI Design Tools for creating your Products Ads and Web Pages.
  • A Site Theme builder utility for creating new themes and modifying existing themes.
  • A META Tag Design utility - used for search engine classification and indexing.
  • An image file Import / Preview utility.
  • An external HTML file import utility.
  • An integrated FTP Utility - upload to one or multiple web sites simultaneously.
  • Built-in Import / Export data utility for interfacing with other Programs.
  • Automatically generates both the Main and Sub Category Navigation menus.

Exchange Data with other Software Applications

  • Exchange Data with FrontPage®, Macromedia® Dreamweaver, and NetObjects® Fusion.
  • Use XLEcom as a Product Ad engine for use in other software applications.
  • Use XLEcom with any Microsoft® Excel project.
  • Develop third party applications which can utilize XLEcom.


  • XLEcom is powered by a single 3.0 MB Excel file providing the ultimate in portability
  • Run XLEcom from a USB key chain or any portable storage device
  • Backup both XLEcom and 100’s of web sites on your USB key chain
  • Take XLEcom with you - Design and edit your web site from any location